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web autogestionable

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The BRIDGESMEs project aims to help European SMEs from five industrial ecosystems to rethink their business models and operations to make them more resilient, sustainable and humane. The project will facilitate partnerships between traditional SMEs and technology-savvy SMEs and start-ups, as well as accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions to the market and enhance cluster cooperation to support SMEs across value chains.

Regarding the digital presence, at Invbit we have carried out the design and development of the web platform for the project. This website will show all the progress of the project that will be added easily over 3 years thanks to its administration panel from which you can edit the content, add news and events in a simple and intuitive way.

The Responsive version of this website has been conceived, considering the importance of all content adjusting optimally to the various screens and devices. This careful planning ensures an exceptional user experience, highlighting the project's commitment to accessibility and user satisfaction.

  • Wordpress + Custom development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Custom development