The Call for Expression of Interest of Tech-savvy SMEs of the European BRIDGESMEs project closed on 2 July. This deadline was extended for a short period of time, requested by the project partners in order to allow more member companies to register.

The BRIDGESMEs project, known for its aim to create strategic alliances between leading and traditional SMEs, announced the call for applications via its website and social media. Interested companies were able to apply through an online form, in which they had to provide basic information, the objective of their participation and a document called Pitch Deck that explained their proposal in detail.

The call was launched with the intention of connecting 15 technologically advanced companies with 15 traditional companies, thus fostering innovation and cross-sector cooperation. A total of 76 applications were received, with 55% meeting the comprehensive requirements of the call. These qualifying applications will be evaluated by the project consortium members, and as was stated on the guidelines, only 15 companies will be selected to participate in the initiative.

In September, a new call specifically addressed for traditional companies will be launched as part of the BRIDGESMEs project, aiming to unite and strengthen business collaboration.