The survey focuses on five ecosystems: MTA (Mobility, Transport and Automotive), Electronics, Aerospace and Defence, Cultural and Creative Industries, and Tourism. These areas are crucial for the European economy, so it is important to know how SMEs are performing in these areas in terms of adoption and transition to new technologies and business models.

The information gathered in the survey will be used to find out the real and current needs of SMEs, the challenges they face and where there may be new opportunities for them.

Each response helps to get a fuller picture of what is taking place in these sectors. We therefore encourage SMEs across Europe to participate and share their experiences. By working together and sharing what they know, SMEs can help build a stronger and more prosperous future for themselves and for Europe as a whole.

Companies willing to take part in this survey can easily access it through the following links, tailored to their specific industry ecosystems:

By participating in this survey, you help us to build the bridge and connect these ecosystems to a more sustainable, resilient and people-centred Europe! In addition, you will receive access to the survey results, and we will let you know when we launch our activities such as open calls for funding, hackathons and matchmaking events.

BRIDGESMEs is an EU-funded project of 9 partners from different countries seeking to facilitate and build partnerships between pilot and technology companies, helping them to rethink their business models and operations to become more resilient, sustainable, and human-centred.